Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Read all ye who want to buy CD-r King's Mirror Screen Protector for their iPad

Start of scenario:

You're playing Temple Run on your iPad on a public place, say, in MRT (we know you wouldn't dare, but just play along). You're having a good run; intense, yet somehow you make it through all the time. You're getting all the coins, jumping and turning and sliding with impeccable timing. You're good at this, you thought, and you're making the crazy monkeys eat your dust.

But then you're about to cross this gap on the road. "You got this", you told yourself. But something went wrong. You felt it, and your jump was half a heartbeat too late. You gasped right before you fell in the bottomless pit. Game's over. Bummer, yet that didn't bother you that much, because you realize something else was amiss--- others gasped at the same time you did.

You lift your gaze and find that people around you were watching the whole time. They're smiling, though not necessarily at your failure, but because of an experience you did not mean to share, and you don't like that one bit.

Then you remember that CD-r King has one of those 200-peso iPad Mirror Screen Protectors designed to limit your gadget's viewing angle range. You bought it, had it installed, and went home giddy thinking you've bought privacy at a bargain.

Then the nightmare begins.

You notice there is no hole for the front camera. You take pictures with it and notice that its shots were darker than usual.

And on your iPad's screen, you see colors. Lots of it. Ripples of blue, pink and yellow. All of which shouldn't be there. You realize you have just forfeited your iPad's retina display feature and the crisp and vivid images it used to have.

Compared with an iPod touch without the mirror screen protector, rainbow discoloration appears in most of the iPad's viewing angles. So much for privacy.

Very reflective indeed.

Both have retina display and same brightness levels. But the iPad with CD-r King's Mirror Screen Protector seem to be darker. Also, notice the discoloration on the iPad even at my usual viewing angle.

Then you regret ever buying this screen protector for the rest of your life.

End of scenario.

P.S. Don't get us wrong. We love and respect CD-r King for offering cheaper alternatives of otherwise overpriced accessories and gadgets. But not this one.

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Anonymous said...

It is just like putting a cheap UV filter in front of your expensive camera lens.

iPads were already using Gorilla glass, so why bother putting a screen protector on them?

Roselle Julius said...

Yes, i know. This is not mine by the way, but it inspired me to make this post and warn others. :D Thanks for pointing this out. :)