Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Interactive Wonders of the Internet

If you think you've seen everything the internet can do, think again. This 80's invention is still evolving and soon enough, just watching a video will be as obsolete as using a floppy disk.

Play the Xylophone

This motion controlled xylophone works like the Xbox 360 Kinect and only works with Google Chrome. Once there, your browser will ask permission to turn on your camera and microphone. Then you can play the instrument by waving your hands. Of course you can also use your head, your elbows, your feet, or even your tongue if that would make you happier.

We're absolutely going to see more of this technology soon. By that time, we could probably play Xbox Kinect or Wii U games on our computers with it.

Jam with Terry Crews' Muscles

If you don't like Terry Crews or his muscles, then don't even bother with this one. 

This interactive video is part of Old Spice's very clever marketing ploy. First, Terry plays all the instruments around him with the use of his muscles. After watching him jam solo, you get to play with the instruments using your keyboard, which is kind of unfair because you only have 10 fingers while Terry has at least 20 muscles to do it. You can even record, review and share your masterpiece.

It has a great playlist, (not some mainstream music) and an amazing artwork that changes as you move your mouse or cursor. It's like a sound equalizer rhythm display... only snazzier.

This site teaches you what is and how to make imitation milk, for all the good it does.

Apparently, there are three different ways to make imitation milk and you can help doing it through this interactive video. You can crack the coconut, pop out the beans, and do other stuff that you would never have even thought of doing if you hadn't known imitation milk. 

But that ain't awesome enough. Perhaps if they put something in it that would enable us to control what's happening in the computer using a mobile device then---

Oh shit, it does.

After this, you can ask yourself, "So what?"

For a marketing stunt, this one is pretty useful because it measures and enhances your safety awareness.   

It has 10 questions like where to put fire alarms in the house and which insects you hate to see in your home which you can answer by clicking or dragging elements on the screen. Between each exercise, they insert all the boring marketing stuff, but you'll always be given the option to decline.

If you're still playing Farmville, for crying out loud, move out and visit Sunnyville. It's an interactive neighborhood packed with activities and tips about taking care of your home, cooking, gardening, mowing your lawn and even...

playing with a dancing bear?

Time to leave your poultry, swine and bovine.

If you know something more awesome than the ones on this list, be kind enough to share. We're starting to get bored with this lot.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Upgrade your iPhone4/4s to iPhone 5?

courtesy of www.apple.com

Apple has just announced the release of the new iPhone 5. “But I just bought my iPhone 4s yesterday together with all the funky cases and different usb cables!”, you say. Well you probably didn’t heed our advice

At least you still have time to atone for deeds and think about upgrading. If you’re living in the US, the iPhone 5 won't be around until the 21st. But if you’re getting one here in the Philippines, you may still have even more time to ditch your iPhone 4s because, as of the moment, they're still mum about the release..

But the real question is not "when?", but "why?"

Here’s a summary of the notable new features of iPhone 5:

1.     Taller, thinner, and lighter. It now has a 4-inch screen (now with 5 rows of apps on the screen), is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the iPhone 4/4s.
2.     Battery time is a little longer thanks in part to the upgraded A6 chip that puts most applications on a power diet.
3.     iOs 6 will update all built-apps to fit the new display size. Some 3rd party apps that won’t update will just have black borders on each side.
4.     Everything is faster. Internet usage should be faster since LTE connection or 4G will now be available, but it will still depend on how your network providers will deliver. You'll get the same snazzy game graphics but with less loading time latency.
5.     The Lightning. It is the new cable connector/charger. It is smaller than the old one, but you don’t have to throw your old connectors away because Apple will be selling a Lightning to 30-pin adaptor for your old cables. That's if you can stomach its $29 retail price.
courtesy of www.apple.com
6.     EarPods. Apple says it’s a breakthrough in-ear type of headphones that will fit comfortably and stay inside your ears. We’ll still have to see about that.
7.     Better camera, new and improved apps, new iTunes interface, a smarter Siri, and a whole lot of other surprises to keep you on your toes. They had us at the smarter Siri, though.

Online prices are $199, $299, and $399 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB respectively. We say, if you have the budget, go switch. Key upgrades here are the new screen size, Lightning and the earpods. With these new features, all accessories will also upgrade to keep up with the new iPhone like the cases, chargers, speakers, battery extenders, etc. Most likely, the next generations will have the same screen and cable connector, so if ever Apple announces an iPhone 5s or 6, your accessories won’t be so old and you can wait out for the next couple of new iPhone models.

If you have a tight budget, now is the perfect time to buy accessories for your current iPhone because prices will surely drop.

Other notable products announced are the bigger iPod Nano (that can’t be worn as a wristwatch anymore), and the thinner iPod Touch with the same screen size as the iPhone 5, with new color options aside from black and white, a LED flash, and --- wait for it --- Siri!   

Unlike what we advised before, the rumors of an iPad Mini wasn't confirmed. But we are not losing hope because Apple fanatics and gadget experts think that Apple will have another product announcement by October. So, fingers crossed