People Behind the Blog

Roselle Siojo likes cheese and tea and pizza but she won’t eat or let everyone else eat until she’s done taking photos of the food. Yet, it’s not just food she’s fond of snapping pictures at. In fact, she’s been turning every occasion or situation into a photo-op ever since she fell in love with her first camera, a Vivitar, sometime during the 90’s. She has joined a photo club called 3di, taken photography and cinematography lessons and has taken part in several independent films. She is now working as a non-linear video editor in one of the major television stations in the Philippines and is also the main visual content provider for Stills and Glyphs.

Julius Belotindos, recalled that his most favorite subjects in highschool and college were writing classes. He’s terrible with impromptu speaking, yet he has a way with words if given time to compose. But as fate will have it, he had to go through becoming a multimedia designer, call center agent, researcher and a TV segment producer before he can re-scratch his itch for freehand writing as Stills and Glyphs’ written content provider.

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