Friday, August 10, 2012

Clumsy's Journal # 32 : Merlion's 40th bday ruins my trip to Singapore

They told me that a Singapore trip without a picture of the famous merlion is not valid. 

Well, just my luck.

It's my first trip abroad and this 70-ton, 8.6-meter tall, water-spewing ceramic at One Fullerton just had to ruin it. I heard he's prepping himself for his 40th birthday on September 15, refusing any photo ops until early that month. 

So vain. 

These guys didn't even let me get a glimpse of him.
Well, I guess that's just fair. His cracks are showing and his moss beard doesn't make him look dashing. I even heard that his humans are going to give him new waves to ride as a birthday present. Anyway, that left me with no other choice but to settle for his lesser counterparts just to prove that I've been there.

Well he's smaller... but hey! He's got a glowing nameplate!
And he's got a ---- no? Okay...

Come on! He's looking at you with those eyes. No? Damn.

Oh no, no, no. This one begged to have our picture
taken. I just... wanted a copy, that's all.
As much as I hate him, I wish I could witness his unveiling on his birthday. I managed to sneak up on my humans and consulted the all-knowing oracle they call internet. It told me that merlion throws a party like no other, with guests from all over the world scrambling for seats closest to him. I wish I was that famous.

But this one ought to be extra special. Humans say that "life begins at 40". I wonder if that's also true with merlion statues.

Now, that'd be something I would really want to have a picture with.

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