Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to play snake game in Youtube

For quite some time, we thought Youtube was merely a collection of videos uploaded by users who do not necessarily value our internet bandwidth... until yesterday. 

The connection was terribly slow, and this loading indicator was all we saw for a while. We decided to browse through the comments below, and pressed one of the arrow keys...

...then the wicked thing came to life.

Records of this feature have been around as early as July 2010, so some may have already heard about it. It's also available on embedded Youtube videos as long as you have the latest player version installed. 

Yes, Rob, that's a snake.
You probably won't try to beat the game as you would playing it on a cellphone, but by the time you're hooked to the game, your video is ready.

Time is gold. Multi-task, my friend. 

Perhaps Youtube cares about its audience, after all.

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