Thursday, August 9, 2012

10 Things you're LIKELY to eat on a rainy day

Half the city's submerged and the rains don't show any signs of stopping. With glacial pace, you remove yourself from bed realizing that there's nothing else to do but watch TV or browse the web as classes and work get suspended for days, citizens and the government play the blame game and people scare themselves over Genesis 8: 7-12

It's the perfect time to be socially aware and responsible, you thought, but a socially aware and responsible mind can't run on an empty stomach. So, you will yourself to the refrigerator and the food cabinets, looking for the most scrumptious yet very lazy-friendly food you can get your hands on.

You may want to look for one of these:

10 Oatmeal

Being one of the healthiest options in this list, you really can't go wrong with oatmeal. It's loaded with fiber that keeps you metabolically sound. And it's easy to prepare; just add a proportional amount of water, boil for about 4-5 minutes or until thick, then serve hot with milk and sugar or fruits.

9 Bread

When there's a dire need to eat and you're left with no other choices, even the stalest bread will taste like heaven. Pan de sal, pan de regla, kabayan and spanish bread from yesterday's breakfast, or even a nearly-expired, plain loaf bread will do --- more so if you could reheat it in an oven and maybe add a little bit of butter or cheese to melt on top.

8 Chocolate

Nothing says "Don't worry, you're dry and comfortable" and "You're gonna be fine" like sweet, sweet chocolate, whether local or imported, in bars or in a mug served hot with marshmallows. It's probably the only legit comfort food on the list with studies claiming that chocolate will make you feel good.

7 Eggs

Every refrigerator should never be without eggs. Farm-fresh or days old in the storage, they will all taste as good as the other when served scrambled, sunny-side up, boiled or half-cooked. Provided, of course, that they haven't gone bad yet. And watch your diet.

6 Biscuits/Cookies

You've probably ignored them when there were lots of other munchies around. But now that they're one of the few that stand between you and a quiet stomach, it's time to love them back. Now if you could just dip them in milk or hot coffee...

5 Chips

Health conscious people may have been avoiding them all their life, but these hard times call for a little leniency. So what if you eat chips dipped in salsa or cheese melt? And some soda to wash it down, perhaps?

4 Banana

No matter the season, they've always been on your table. And today is one of those few days in the year that they look very enticing. You'll fantasize about putting some scoops of ice cream and a dash of chocolate syrup on it, or putting it in a blender with coffee, vanilla and ice to make a coffee banana smoothie. But then, you'd be too lazy to go through the entire ordeal. You'll peel the banana and eat it straight up instead, and you'll find it not bad at all.

3 Tuyo / Daing (Dried salted fish)

When was the last time you ate tuyo or daing matched with spiced vinegar and tomatoes and steamed rice? If you can't remember and find yourself face to face with one of these dried and salted goods, make sure to remind yourself of how savory and liberating it is to eat them without any form of etiquette.

2 Canned goods

During a disaster, canned goods and instant noodles are most likely the ones you'll have in abundance. Though they are ready-to-eat, it's the little touches that will make your canned good eating experience more exciting. Try Spanish sardines with a few drops of calamansi juice and crushed chili for an added spike.

1 Instant noodles

There's nothing like a rich noodle soup from scratch. But when convenience and speedy preparation is a priority, instant noodles will have to do. Some will take them plain, while others will try to approximate the real thing by adding a few chunks of meat from yesterday's leftovers.

Now that you've had your fill, you decide that it's about time you stop being oblivious to what's happening around you. And then you realize that right now, the least you can do is offer some of what you have. :)

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Ferns said...

bakit walang champorado :(

Anonymous said...


Roselle Julius said...

Haha. Yung mga ready-to-eat at madadaling iprepare na pagkain lang kasi yung peg namin. Masyadong kumplikado para sa amin yung champorado e. :D

Pretty Ugly said...

Ah, tuyo! My fave! :)

Roselle Julius said...

@pretty ugly: Naman! Haha. Tapos sawsaw sa pinakurat!

i♥pinkc00kies said...

gotta agree w/ canned goods, chocolates, noodles, bread, chips and cookies! I also crave for local kakanin and guinataang halo-halo! :D

Roselle Julius said...

@i♥pinkc00kies : Haha. Why not? Biko! Yung matamis yung ibabaw! :D

Chyng said...

pumpkin soup naman for me! =)

Roselle Julius said...

@Chyng: Mmmmm... onga, pumpkin soup. When are they gonna make an instant pumpkin soup, anyway? :D

Blueorange said...

nabiktima ako nitong post na to. Imagine umuwi na ko ng 12am dhil dumaan pa kong 7eleven for Tomi corn chips.

Roselle Julius said...

Hahaha! Try kong gutumin ka ulit sa mga susunod na post ko! :)