Friday, July 20, 2012

A fly in a...?

Before we go any further, we'd like to thank Abraham Alegre and his ex-blog Subterranean Subterfuge's mini-game called "Ano Itetch" for the inspiration.

A fly in a _______?

This is just a one-time-big-time game. Guess what this is and answer in this format:

A fly in a ________? or   Isang langaw na nasa ______?

*Cool prizes are at stake! Join now!

*No, there are none.

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Caren Clariza Sonio said...

A fly in a .....
It seems like na the fly is on a wall, seen through a transparent glass/plastic cup :))

Roselle Julius said...

ohohohoho! Close... but no banana.

maia said...

a fly in a pumpkin soup!

lodi said...

glass of beer!

Julius Belotindos said...

hahaha. sorry maia and lodi. nope.