Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rizal Rocks Back to Life in “Rebulto” Album Launch

Former Yano lead vocalist, Dong Abay proves that even after his 6-year hiatus from the music scene, he still can sway the crowd. In his “Rebulto” album launch held in Cubao Expo last Thursday, June 28, the 41-year old punk icon brought the house down with his edgy songs, outstanding stage presence and unintentional sense of humor that not even a faulty sound system can spoil.

Beer toting Dong talks about his album. The shirt will have to come off, of course.

The possessed performer. The fans loved it.

With 7 tracks under its hood, the concept album, “Rebulto” probes into our national hero’s insights on the current situation of the country that he once defended against the Spanish occupation. According to Abay, Jose Rizal is his hero, no matter what other historical cynics may say about him. He also said that this album is his tribute and gift to the patriot who had his 121st birthday last June 19th.

Here are the tracks:

Kilometro Zero
Par Que
Rizal Day

This list was never followed.

Former bandmates Raymund Marasigan of Sandwich and Buddy Zabala of The Dawn collaborated with Team Manila in producing the album. But just like what others have already observed, we think that it’s not as punk-laden as his previous ones, but it still has Dong Abay written all over it. Though it was hard to make out the lyrics, it was clear to us that he was trying to say something with each word.

Neither the faulty sound system nor the sudden downpour of rain dampened the crowd's spirit...

...or Dong's.
With Raymund Marasigan’s Sandwich taking care of the strings and the beats, Dong Abay performed with reckless abandon. And when the fans clamored for his popular compositions like “Perpekto”, “Tsinelas” and the controversial, “Banal na Aso, Santong Kabayo”, the vocalist obliged and the evening came to life. People sang in unison, threw their hands in the air and yelled their lungs out [including us, of course], while some guys just went overboard. We think we saw a mosh pit there somewhere. One guy even dared approach Dong Abay and ask the vocalist to wear what looked like a white baby bonnet. Abay tactfully declined. Then, it got even more tense towards the end when this guy, whom obviously had one too many, decided he can do a solo mosh pit on stage:

Caught in the act: Big boned girl at the left about to tackle topless dancing guy on the right out of the stage.  Diego Castillo of Sandwich with that "Who the f***?" look.
Still, we think everything went well. We even dare say that the hero would have been proud.

Dong Abay’s “Rebulto” is now available in all Team Manila outlets.
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